Our Team

Picture this: A bank full of business experts, based in your community, who are totally dedicated to your success. That’s what we have at S&T. Perhaps you recognize them. We invite you to call any member of our team and see the difference our personal approach can make.

Christopher McComish

Chief Executive Officer

David Antolik | S&T Bank

David Antolik


Mark Kochvar | S&T Bank

Mark Kochvar

SEVP Finance Division Manager & CFO

LaDawn Yesho

EVP Chief Risk Officer

Jim Michie

EVP Chief Credit Officer

Susie Nicholson | S&T Bank

Susan Nicholson

EVP Chief Human Resources Officer

Jeff Sottile

Jeffrey Sottile

EVP Chief Audit Executive


Rachel Smydo

EVP General Counsel

Michael Golden

EVP Chief Operating Officer

Steve Drahnak | S&T Bank

Stephen Drahnak

EVP Chief Commercial Banking Officer

Jason Forman | S&T Bank

Jason Forman

EVP Director of Consumer Banking

Erik Taylor

EVP Deputy Chief Credit Officer

Melanie Lazzari

EVP Controller

Jordyn Kemats | S&T Bank

Jordyn Kemats

EVP Director of Sales Strategy & Marketing

Gil Riazzi | S&T Bank

Gilbert Riazzi

EVP Director of Operational Risk Management

Jim Mill | S&T Bank

James Mill

EVP Chief Information & Technology Officer

Kevin Dodds | S&T Bank

Kevin Dodds

EVP Chief Security Officer

Heidi Williams

EVP Commercial Banking Director of Operations

Jon Costella | S&T Bank

Jonathan Costello

EVP Bank Operations Division Manager

Stephanie Kline

EVP Treasurer and Chief Data Analytics Officer

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